I’ve always been a small town kind of a guy. I was born in a small town in South Dakota and grew up in small towns in Missouri and llinois. Now, I live in the small town of Buckley, Washington. It seems easier to get a sense of community in places like Buckley.
I love all things outdoors especially when it also involves having a camera in my hand. Travel, hiking, fishing, camping and photographing people are among my biggest passions. I'm also a carpenter and do fine woodworking in my spare time.
My father was an avid amateur photographer and I became interested at an early age. I was hooked when I saw my first black and white print come up from a blank sheet of paper in the developing tray. I have BFA in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Variety of assignment is one of the alluring aspects of photography for me. I’ve worked for daily newspapers, the Boeing Company, Yosemite National Park, and shot many other assignments for various other companies and individuals.